Our Golden retriever puppies for sale are silky little charmers who love to frolic and play. They are up for any activity, whether it’s hiking, fetch, or just loafing around on the couch. These puppies are loving and intelligent, and would make a wonderful addition to any family! 
We breed high-quality Golden retriever puppies
Golden retriever home is family-owned. We love our puppies – they are part of our family and we want them to have good homes. Our dogs are of good quality in appearance and are all checked out for health by a vet specializing in small dogs

We’re a family of four, and our dogs are our passion. My daughter (the puppies know her as “Auntie”) and we do puppies 24/7. A typical day for our little friends goes something like this: The dogs get up in the morning and have breakfast together, supervised by Mom and Auntie. They always have breakfast together supervised. Then they have a run in our 4-acre yard. Weather permitting, they spend a few hours in their own play areas (none smaller than 40′ X 40′) They have fresh spring water running 24 hours a day, lots of big trees for shade, lots of companionships, and human contact. They love to sit on the sofa and watch cable TV. My husband and son help tuck them in at night.

We offer a unique and personal environment for our dogs and lets our family get to know them well. When a family adopts one of our furry friends, we are able to help choose a perfect match on personality and lifestyle, giving our puppies the best chance to be healthy and happy, which in turn gives you the best chance of being happy with your pet.
All good homes are welcomed to select a wonderful Cavalier puppy from us.

golden retriever puppies for sale