Our puppy is amazing. His temperament is so gentle and kind with our 4-year-old and he is a smart pup. It didn’t take him long to potty train at all. Everyone who comes into our house is just amazed at what a good puppy he is…the perfect addition to our family. This was Jake, but we call him Miles now. Thanks for the wonderful experience! It was our first time buying a puppy and we couldn’t be happier.

Jonathan Keating

Good Day James and Family,
I’ve been meaning to take a minute to email you to let you know what an incredible dog Max is. We could not be happier or feel more blessed to have found your puppies and have your help is partner him with us. We joke that he’s “broke” because he doesn’t act like a typical puppy. LOL. He stays by us, never jumps, barely barks, is a gentle giant, and is fabulous with our little dog and children. I am going to look into making him a Canine Good Citizen dog so I can take him places to help others. He also loves to swim and go fishing. Grateful and Thankful

John Alvarez

Hello, just wanted to let you know he’s learning to go outside to the toilet and in 2 days he’s learned how to sit!! YES TO SIT!! we are just blown away. And cuddles, my god he just loves it, he comes up to you to cuddle you. and when he’s outside he plays with my toes then rolls over on the grass for me to rub his belly. He’s just amazing!! we cannot get over how attached he is to us especially me. He’s just beautiful!!! Thank you so much for a wonderful present!! love me to you all there, thanks for giving us a lovely little pup -we do treasure her!!

Jessica and Daughter

OMG! She absolutely LOVES a “teaser” that our trainer brought us. It’s great entertainment to watch her flip in the air to try and catch the toy at the rope’s end. Great exercise when it’s raining or when a walk just isn’t enough for Lilly’s amazing energy! Yesterday she came to me for some affection while I was cooking dinner. She hugged me, gave me lots of kisses, and I swear she looked at me as if she wanted to tell me something important! Such a bonding moment… I got a little teary! I think she’s reached another milestone as far as trust, and understanding that we are her family now, and this will always be her home.


“We would like to thank you very much for breeding such a wonderful puppy! Our Golden retriever puppy is an absolute delight! She is well socialized, fearless, affectionate, loving, and HAPPY all the time! Her personality is priceless! We cannot thank you enough for the daily joy she brings us! Congratulations Golden Retriever Home on excellent customer service, as well! The paperwork that you provided us, as well as, the toy and food were greatly appreciated.
Thanks again for a wonderful experience!”

Patricia Salgado